Today, I am sharing with you the videos I recorded for the #AsanaHawaiianMay challenge. I hope that looking behind the scenes will encourage beginners and experienced yogis to join challenges to explore new poses and unlocking their potentials. Remember, there is no need to buy yoga pants if you are a beginner, start with comfortable clothes and follow my lessons. You can use any yoga mat for your morning or evening yoga practice.

1. ΰ₯ Surya Yantrasana 🧭 Compass Pose ΰ₯
Surya Yantrasana is a challenging seated asana that stretches the hamstrings and opens the shoulders. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, surya, meaning “sun,” yantra, meaning “instrument,” and asana, meaning “pose.” You can see my struggle to get into this pose. It’s good to warm up the body before you get into this pose.

2. ΰ₯ Vriksasana / Ardha Padmasana 😴🌺🌲 Tree Pose in Half Lotus ΰ₯ πŸ‘€ with my #PocketYogaBoy πŸ‘¦πŸ»
I am striking a variation of Vriksasana – Tree Pose, Vasisthasana – Side Plank Pose and Ardha Padmasana – Half Lotus. There is no Sanskrit name for this fun pose as I am also resting my upper body on my elbow … Om Shanti! Please subscribe to my channel to learn more about this 5,000 years old science!