Om Om, Today, I had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga with new and former colleagues at the Royal Berkshire in Sunninghill, Ascot. It was a CIKNOW. – Transform Your Impact, Your Organisation team event.

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During the event, I conducted a 30-minute mindful yoga session, which gave the audience a glimpse of my teaching.

We emphasised breath awareness and deep abdominal breathing, gentle stretching such as neck rolls, shoulder and side stretches, and mindful movement synchronised with breath. For fun, I also demonstrated various asanas (postures).

I have worked for many years as a permanent employee in corporate organisations, and I firmly believe in the numerous benefits of practising yoga at work. Some of these benefits include:

1. Stress Reduction
2. Increased Productivity
3. Improved Posture and Flexibility
4. Enhanced Team Bonding
5. Better Health
6. Effective Stress Management Tools

Om Shanti 😊 

Thank you, Dinesh Mangaru and Victor Aslanian, for inviting me to your event.